Rule # 1 of Zombie Fight Club is nobody can talk about zombie fight club, which is actually quite easy considering no one can actually leave Woodbury to discuss it!

Speaking of Woodbury, what the heck is going on there?  I don’t know what is going on with The Governor, but I know that he is one sly son of a B!  I loved his attempt to sweet talk Michonne, which obviously did not go the way he had planned.  We did get to see her happy for the first time when she found the captive walkers and took them all out with her awesome sword.  We also got our first glance at The Governor’s daughter Penny.  To say that was disturbing is an understatement, but really, what does this guy do that isn’t disturbing?  Aquariums full of heads, a zombie daughter, fight club, there’s a lot of craziness going on there. 

Was anyone else mad at Andrea for letting Michonne go off on her own?  I know she wants to stay there, I get it, but how can you do that to someone?  I actually had this discussion this morning where the point was made that Michonne made her decision, she didn’t have to leave, but really she did.  She knows there’s something sinister going on there and Andrea is just too blind to see what is actually going on. 

I can’t complain about the labs though.  Mad scientist dude made a bite proof jacket and it sounds like he’s working on something top secret that might end up being pretty cool.

Enough about them though…

Rick is completely falling apart, but at least he has all the walkers to take his aggression out on!  That has to be therapeutic.  I’m wondering what is going to happen with him, will he ever be Rick again?  Or is he just going to be broken Rick from now on?  And who the heck is on the phone!?!?!

I noticed while Maggie and Daryl were at the day care getting stuff for baby ass kicker, (Daryl’s awesome nick name for her) there were handprints on the wall.  That was so sad, and then they focus on the name Sofie, which made me instantly think of Sophia, and then brought up the question of where the hell is Carol?  I know that Glen was digging graves, and he told Axel and Oscar to dig two more, which would make three, which were obviously for Lori, T-Dog and Carol, but they never showed her or what happened.  I really need some closure with this one, I loved Carol and I want to know what happened.  Hopefully they will tell us, there’s no way they can leave us hanging like this!

Next week it looks like we will find out who is on the other end of the phone, Michonne is going to battle with Merle and Andrea and The Governor are going to get a little cozy.

Until next week Towelites!