Let me just say that I have been on the fence about The Governor since the beginning.  I am still trying to figure him out, but I will go on the record right now and say that I hate him!  That did NOT need to go down that way!  I felt violated just watching that scene between him and Maggie. 

But let’s talk about Glen.  Holy cow!  Glen really proved himself as a friend and a man in last night’s episode.  I’ve always known he was tough, but I don’t know how many people could take a beating like that, kill a zombie while taped to a chair and still not talk even when they brought Maggie in to him.  And did anyone else notice that when The Governor pointed the gun at his head he actually took a step forward?  It just proves again how awesome Glen is.

We also got to see Merle start questioning everything he’s believed since he escaped from the roof.  Glen and Andrea had the exact same story, and they obviously had not had any contact with each other.  When Merle was talking to The Governor about Glen he said that, and it kind of seemed like he was softening a little bit, and maybe feeling bad about what he was doing to him. We’ll see next week when he’s actually face to face with everyone.

Personally, I think that Michonne is a good fit with Rick and the gang.  I feel like she would fit right in with their dynamic.  Everyone is honest and straight forward with each other, nobody is hiding anything and everyone is skilled at something.  The look on her face when they were in the woods and Rick said, “Take formation” was priceless.  You see this group/family of people who have everything completely organized.  She seemed to be impressed too with the way they were with Carol and the baby.  You really got a feel for the love they have for each other.  I was also glad to see that Axel and Oscar volunteered to go out with the group to find Glen and Maggie, it shows that they are really trying to become part of them.

Meanwhile, back in the crazy hood, Andrea is helping Milton with an experiment to see if after someone turns they still have any type of memories.  As crazy as this sounds, I understand what Milton was trying to do.  All he wants to know is what happens to the human body once it turns and if anything can be done to stop it.  It’s actually quite interesting to me, and I’m hoping that they have some cool discoveries with this.  As long as he doesn’t somehow get killed in the process that is.  It looked like he was a little surprised at the speed in which Andrea killed Mr. Coleman.

I cannot wait until next week.  I’m not excited that it’s the mid-season finale, but it looks like it’s going to get down and dirty.  What’s gonna happen with Andrea finds out that the threat is actually Rick and the group?  What will Merle do when he sees Daryl?  How is The Governor going to handle everything?


Check out the trailer for the mid-season cliff hanger!