Last night’s episode introduced us to a new set of characters, Tyreese and his group have made it into the prison, with only one fatality.  From what I understand, Tyreese is from the books, and is extremely loved by fans.  They seem like the kind of people that would fit in nicely with our little group, so I guess we’ll see in February what happens with them.

Carl really took the lead in this episode.  Going by himself to check out the situation and taking out Walkers to save Tyreese and his friends.  Go Carl!  And what was that silencer made out of on his gun?  It kind of looks like the end of an aluminum bat, but I don’t know how that would be possible… Anyhow, Carl saves the day for them and really tapped into his inner Rick in the moment when he locked them into the cell.  I really liked when Tyreese referred to Carl as “the man” and showed him the respect he would show another grown man in that situation.

Also, there was Axel hitting on Beth, which I found to be pretty funny.  Really, he doesn’t have anyone else to choose from, even if Carol isn’t the lesbian he thought she was!

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne make it to Woodbury to get Glen and Maggie, but Michonne has her own agenda as well.  After she finds and beheads Penny in front of the Governor an all out brawl takes place between them.  The zombie aquariums are shattered (wasn’t it disgusting when the aquarium broke and she went face first into the water/sludge?!)  The Governor tries to force her into a zombie head on the floor so she’ll get bit and as soon as she is able to grab the piece of glass and stab him in the eye Andrea shows up.  Is anyone else as annoyed and mad at Andrea as I am?  I still don’t understand where she is right now, I mean, yes, Woodbury seems nice, and yes, The Governor seems to like her, but where is her loyalty?  Michonne saved her life!  So now she squares off with her and doesn’t lower her gun at all?  She doesn’t even take the time to process the situation and notice her lover man cradling his zombie daughter while surrounded by zombie heads and water?  She can’t, even for one little second, think that maybe Michonne has a reason not to trust him?  At least she let her go, right? 

When Michonne finally makes it back to Rick, Glenn and Maggie, (RIP Oscar), he tells her that she can be on her way now, but it’s obvious that she’s scared and doesn’t want to be alone anymore.  She finally showed some emotion and basically, in her own way, begged Rick to let her stay by convincing him that they need her to get out of there.  I thought it was nice to see her let down her guard with him.  It proves, at least to me, that she trusts them and wants to be part of the group.

I knew the minute Merle walked into the hospital to see The Governor that he was in trouble for lying to him about Michonne, but I don’t think Merle had any idea what was going on when he was confronted in the fighting pits.  He looked terrified when they brought out Daryl, and the look on Andrea’s face was priceless!  Talk about an inner conflict!

What will February bring us Towelites?!   What will happen when Rick and The Governor are really face to face?  Will Andrea intervene and stop whatever is about to happen with Daryl and Merle?  The next season looks to have just as much craziness as this one did, and I am really looking forward to it!  Till next year my loyal readers!  Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season