The Walking Dead- S3.9 The Suicide King

merl and darl suicide king

Hey Towelites!  We’re back and there is a whole bunch of craziness going on!  Rick is becoming completely unhinged, Glen is shutting down due to what The Governor put him and Maggie through, Daryl took off with Merle, and Tyreese and his gang have left the prison.

Last night really showcased some weaknesses with some of the characters to me, which I loved.  It’s nice to see that sometimes our heroes aren’t always so heroic.  Rick is losing his mind.  It doesn’t seem like he’s fully connecting with Judith (aka, Little Ass Kicker) at all.  He is not paying attention to anything that’s going on around him.  I understand that he’s trying to keep the group safe, but letting Daryl leave with Merle was a BIG mistake in my eyes.   They could have put Merle in a cell and locked it until they figured out what to do with him.  I honestly don’t think that Daryl would have had a problem with that at all, but Rick just let one of the best guys he had leave.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t trust Michonne. She hasn’t done anything wrong!  She showed up at the prison with the formula, gave them the information on Woodbury, took them there and backed them up.  She would be a great asset to the group with her fighting skills alone.  And he let Tyreese and his group leave (though the two guys wanted to try to take everyone out themselves) I think that Tyreese and the girl would have been a great addition.  I really don’t think they’re gone for good though, and I think that Michonne will end up staying with the group.  Still crazy Rick is not thinking clearly, and had a complete break down when he saw the ghost of Lori.

Glen is shutting down because of what The Governor put him and Maggie through, which is completely understandable.  I just don’t want to see this driving a wedge between the two of them.  I would like to think that they can overcome this, but it’s hard to say. 


Andrea yet again disappointed me.  I thought for sure that once she saw Daryl in the fighting pit she would go after him.  When she didn’t I thought, “Okay, maybe she was blinded by the smoke bomb and didn’t see where he went.”  But then when The Governor told her that he had Glen and Maggie there and that’s why everyone came and shot up the town, I thought, “Okay, now she’s gonna leave and find everyone.”  But of course not!  She stays and tries to keep everyone from leaving the town.  When is she going to see The Governor for the terrible person that he is?  I just want her back with the group.  And I’m angry with them too for not going back to get her when they found out she was there. 

I really like Tyreese and the girl that’s with him (I can’t remember her name for the life of me!)  The two guys they have with them can go get eaten by some Zombies for all I care.  I like how when Beth and Axel came up with the shovels and tools they stepped right in front of those two and took over.  And how funny was it that they thought they could take out Carl and Carol?!  Seriously, you guys have no idea who you’re messing with!  Carl shot his own Mom, I don’t think he would even think twice about shooting you. 

All in all, I feel that this was a great come back episode.  It looks like there is some good stuff coming up for next week.  I think it’s due time Rick and The Governor meet once and for all, it looks like Daryl and Merle go back to Woodbury, and Glen and Michonne seem to be planning on going there themselves. 

Till next week Towelites.  Steer clear of any Zombie attacks and Don’t Panic!


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