This week’s episode of The Walking Dead focuses on Carol and Daryl trying to find Beth, and their journey there, well, actually, their entire journey from when this all began until now. How they’ve become the people they are.

The Good:

– Carol is having flashbacks from when Rick banished her, so we got to see what she did for those few days before she saw the fire at the prison and went back. She also flashes back to when she was with Tyreese and the girls, and when she got to Terminus. We get to see how broken she was without everyone. We also get to understand why she was going to leave the church. She said that she can’t watch anyone else die.

– Daryl and Carol spend the night in a woman’s shelter that Carol and Sophia had stayed in for a day and a half before going back to Ed. A few things happen here. First of all, we find out how Carol has become the Carol we know. How she couldn’t make it more than 36 hours away from Ed, but once the Zombie outbreak happened, it forced her to become who she had always thought she should be. There’s a book there about surviving child abuse that Daryl takes with him. That goes to show that he’s still trying to get past what happened in his childhood with his dad and Merle, and also that there’s just one more thing that he and Carol can bond with.


In the shelter there is a mother and daughter walker. When Carol goes to take them out, Daryl tells her that she doesn’t have to, she hesitates and he tells her again. When she wakes up he is outside burning the two of them.

– There is a bond between Carol and Daryl that knows no bounds. They don’t even have to speak to each other to know what the other is thinking or what they are going to do.

– Art appreciation! While holed up in a swanky office, there is a terrible piece of art that the owner must have paid a fortune for. Daryl said it looks like a dog wiped his butt on it!

– They run into Noah while leaving the office, but in desperation he steals their weapons and lets loose some camping Walkers on them. Of course they manage to make it out of there, but Carol almost shoots Noah to stop him.

– They make it to the hospital van they had spotted while in the office. They are trying to find some sort of clue as to where Beth is. They find it, but get completely surrounded by Walkers. This whole scene made me extremely nervous! They shut themselves into the van, that is half hanging off an overpass, buckle up and Thelma and Louise it out of there. Luckily no one is hurt, except for a seat belt burn on Carol.

– While in another building, they are running and Carol slips and is almost bitten by a Walker. Daryl picks her up and they keep on going, but they find one that has one of his arrows in it. So now we know that Noah is there too. They find him trying to push a bookcase against a door to keep the Walkers out, but Daryl just pushes it on top of him. While he’s trapped, and a Walker is almost in, Daryl is walking away and Carol is begging him to help. I think he was trying to force her to see that they can still help people, that it’s not all death and ashes. He takes out the Walker and they get Noah up. But now the hospital people have seen them.

– Carol gets hit by a car while running across the street to try to get to the hospital to save Beth. As Daryl is going to run to her rescue, Noah stops him explaining that they have everything there to help her. That they need to come up with a plan to save her and Beth now. So, they take off back to the church. And now we know that it was for sure Noah in the woods with Daryl.


– I really like Noah. I think that if he makes it through all of this that he will be a good addition to our group.
The Bad:

– Daryl and Carol didn’t hook up! Don’t you think that this would have been the perfect opportunity for them? They were safe and alone, and there has been A LOT of tension between the two of them.


– Why hasn’t anyone tried to get into a Sams Club or some kind of giant warehouse store like that? Everyone I know says that that is the first place they would go. If not to stay there, to at least stock up, but if my memory is correct they haven’t even attempted to find a place like that. Maybe there isn’t any where they are?

Next week it looks like Daryl gets everyone on board to go save Carol and Beth. And Dawn is abusing her power once again and tells one of her lackeys to take Carol off of the machines and see if she lives on her own. I sincerely hope that someone takes her out, she’s been on one episode and I’m already sick of her. If they do, they better smack the crap out of her first!

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Crossed’