Wow! What an episode! We had to wait 7 months, but Walking Dead did not disappoint!
The episode starts off with our beloved group still in the train car fashioning themselves some homemade weapons, getting ready to fight off those pesky Termites. But the guys from Terminus aren’t stupid, they’ve been doing this for a while. So they know that they’ll get bum rushed if they just open the door, instead, they open a hatch at the top of the train and drop in a gas bomb. At that point I’m a bit scared, there’s no way for our guys to defend themselves against that. 
They only grab four of the group and drag them into the slaughter house, along with four other guys. They have them bound and gagged in front of a trough. Walking Dead s5e1 01When they bring them in, you see that it literally is a slaughter house, everyone was right, the Termites eat people (gross!). They have a body on the table getting cut up, and now our heroes are stuck in a situation that seems almost impossible to get out of, and everyone (including Daryl) looks absolutely terrified. They start with the first guy in line (side note: I learned on Talking Dead that the first guy is actually Hippie Sam from the episode last season where Carol and Rick are in the house with that couple). Hippie Sam gets a bat to the back of his head and his throat slashed, this is all done, without hesitation, all down the line until they get to Glenn! Let me just say that this was, by far, the most gruesome and horrific thing I’ve seen on this show. You can kill Walkers all day long, it doesn’t bother me, but this! This was something so sadistic, so evil, I was a little grossed out by it. Luckily, Gareth comes in to do a shell count with our two slaughterers, and they stop for a moment to discuss that days intake, you know, cause it’s just a normal, every day job for them, right? Bob starts begging for their lives, and Gareth takes a minute to listen to him, not that it matters. Then he starts asking Rick about the bag they buried in the woods. After threatening Bob with a knife to his eye, Rick finally tells him what was in the bag, he gets gagged again and just when you think they’re going to pick up where they left off, you hear crazy gun fire and a big BOOM! Rick has one of his homemade blades in his boot, so he’s able to get himself, Daryl, Glenn and Bob cut free, and out they go to start killing Walkers and Termites.
On the other side of the story we have Carol, Tyreese and Judith making their way to Terminus to see if anyone else has made it there. On their way, there’s a huge herd of Walkers so they b-line it into the woods to find one of the Termites there getting some fireworks ready to set off. Apparently they do this to cause a distraction for the Walkers. Walking Dead s5e1 02They bring him into a shed, tie him up and Carol leaves Tyreese and Judith there with him. She then smartly covers herself with Walker grossness and makes her way over to the fence line. She sees them dragging Rick out of the train car and gets her strategy together. Spotting a propane tank, she grabs one of the fireworks she took from Terminus dude and after shooting a couple Walkers, she takes aim and blows it up! Then Carol goes into Terminus to try and save her friends, and at this point they’re all freed and trying to get the hell out of there.
One thing I noticed is that Rick is back, like, really back! No more farmer Rick, no more question everything Rick, he is back, in full effect and pissed off. He wants everyone in Terminus to die, they don’t deserve to live. And honestly, I agree with him. Yes, we saw what happened to make them who they are, and no one should have to go through that, but they became probably the most evil entity they’ve had on the show. Way worse than The Governor. Carol actually meets Mary and they get to have a little chat about the place, but then Carol shoots her and lets the Walkers eat her for dinner, so bye bye Mary.
Tyreese and the dude from Terminus are still in the shed, when the guy frees himself and threatens to snap Judith’s neck! He tells Tyreese to go outside where there’s a huge herd of Walkers hanging around. He goes, because he knows he has to, and kills every one of them! He then comes back in and beats the life out of that dude! Tyreese finally has it in him to kill, at least when his family is threatened. 
By now everyone is out of Terminus, and back in the woods where they buried all their stuff. As they’re getting everything together Carol walks out of the trees. Walking Dead s5e1 03Daryl sees her first and runs to her like a little boy who missed his mom. It was honestly the sweetest thing in the world. For a second I wasn’t sure how things would go down between her and Rick, but after everything they’ve all been through, all is forgiven. She takes them to the shed where Tyreese and Judith are and as soon as Rick sees her he loses it, and then I lost it. I was crying like a baby. This episode took me from complete shock and fear, to crying in a matter of minutes.
I can honestly say that this was one of the best episodes of Walking Dead I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has to bring. 
Oh! Make sure you watch through the entire episode up to the Talking Dead! A familiar face from the past returns!