Well, everyone was right. Bob was outside crying because he had been bit at the food bank. But he was able to get the last laugh with Gareth and the rest of the Termites by waiting to tell them until after they had eaten half his leg and another foot. That was pretty awesome, especially after the crazy speech that Gareth was giving him about how bears eat their young and why they’re doing all of this to him. Gareth is one creepy dude.

Apparently the Termites have finished eating Bob’s tainted meat because they drop him off on the front lawn of the church and leave him there for everyone to find. They also painted an “A” in blood on the side of the church, not too sure what that meant, but it was obviously some sort of warning. Once they get Bob back inside he finally shows everyone his bite, letting them know that there’s really nothing they can do to save him. Sasha is devastated, of course, everyone is, but Gabriel lets them put him on his couch so that he can be comfortable while he waits for the end to come. image-the-walking-dead-first-look-at-four-walls-and-a-roof-026e29dc-527a-4710-8fae-77633cb56644

Now, I have to say a little something here. It took me a while, a long while, to trust Bob. When he first came around I thought there was something up with him. He seemed a little odd, and finding out that he was the sole survivor of both of the camps he had been with made me wonder if maybe he had been the reason they were all dead. It just seemed to me like something was off about him. I know I mentioned it in my past re-caps, probably more than once, but I didn’t really like him. Not until the second half of last season when he was out with Maggie and Sasha did I start to think he was an alright guy. Now I’ve gotten to really like him a lot. I like the game he plays with Sasha, always trying to see the bright side of things. Bob was a good man, it’s sad that he’s not gonna be around anymore. But, that’s what happens in the zombie apocalypse. I also want to say that his last words to Rick were words that everyone should take to heart, “Nightmares end, they shouldn’t end who you are.” That was actually kind of fitting, since it seems like Rick has been teetering between the good and the bad sides lately. Not that he doesn’t have a reason to, but I think he’s just gotten to a point now that he realizes that you can’t be the good guy all the time.

We find out what Gabriel has done that he’s going to “burn for,” and it’s not at all what I thought. When everything broke out he had the doors locked, and though people from his congregation were almost knocking down the doors he basically watched them get eaten by Walkers, families, children, everyone, just because he was too afraid to open the doors for them. I’m still a56e2ab3-eb57-ae1a-83df-ce212c5e75a5twd503gp06030559jpg-3885dfnot sure about him, but at least it’s out in the open now.

Rick and Abraham have a crazy alpha male pissing contest about going to D.C. Rick won’t leave without Daryl and Carol, but Abraham wants to leave right then and there, and apparently it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants. I mean, Eugene said he didn’t want to leave yet, but Abraham doesn’t care what he wants, he just cares about keeping him safe and getting him there for the cure. Glen ended up being the voice of reason between the two and agreed that if Abraham stays one more day to help bring down the guys from Terminus, that he and Maggie with go with them to D.C. Tara has agreed to go too. Abraham gives them until noon the next day and that’s settled.

Now it’s time to go and kick some Terminus butt! Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham, Glen and Maggie all take off to go find them. As soon as you see them walk away from the church you see the Termites walk out of the woods and break into the church. I think that this was actually one of the most terrifying moments of the show for me. Gareth was so scary! The way 3857401837001he’s just talking like it’s no big deal, while you have Carl, Judith, Gabriel, Tyreese and everyone else in that little room. You know they can get through that door, you know that they are seriously armed, and even though I think that Carl and Tyreese could possibly take them down, someone would get hurt in the process, possibly Judith.

Just when they hear Judith cry and are about to kick down the door you hear Rick and everyone come back into the room! When Gareth doesn’t put his gun down Rick blows his fingers off. That certainly got his attention! While they have the Termites on their knees in front of them, Gareth keeps trying to explain himself to Rick, begging (even though he said he wasn’t going to) and saying that they would never cross paths with them again. But, just like Rick said, they would cross paths with someone else, and they are evil. So, like a man true to his word, Rick grabs the red handled machete he promised he would kill Gareth with and they go to town on them. It was brutal! I’ve seen them kills Walkers like that, but never people. It was a straight up massacre. Maggie, Glen and Tara all kind of backed away and let Rick, Michonne, Abraham and Sasha have their moment of crazy. And how great was it when Michonne looked down and saw her katana?! It was like she found a missing piece of herself!

So, now Terminus is gone! Yay! I’m glad that didn’t stretch that out over too many episodes. They really needed to go.

Now it’s the next day, and Abraham and everyone are getting ready to take off for D.C. in the bus they fixed. He gives Rick a map that they made for them, showing them the route they would be taking so that they could catch up to them once Daryl Gareth-pleading-for-his-life-to-Rick-The-Walking-Dead-S5Ep3-Four-Walls-and-a-Roof-Reviewand Carol get back. He wrote a note on it for rick that says, “Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington, the new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.” Abraham is awesome. But I have to say that I’m a bit nervous that the group is splitting up again. I really didn’t like seeing Maggie and Glen on that bus. I have this fear that once they do get on the road to meet up with them that they will find that bus turned over somewhere. I don’t have a good feeling about this at all.

That night Michonne is sitting on the steps of the church talking to Gabriel, with her katana, and she hears a noise. He goes back inside, because he’s too scared, and of course she goes looking to see what it is. Just when you think something bad is going to jump out of the trees, it’s Daryl. He’s alone, and when Michonne asks him where Carol is he just looks behind him and says, “Come on out.” Now, who do you think it is? It’s obviously not Carol or Beth, because neither one of them would be hiding from her. I think that it’s Morgan, since they showed him at the end of the first episode. But where is Carol now? Did they save Beth?

Next week’s episode seems like we’re going to find out, since all they’ve shown is Beth in a hospital. I really hope we find out what happened to her, and that she’s alright, I’ve been worried about her. And who are the people with the black car with the cross? Do you think they’re good or bad? I’m not too sure, I mean, they can’t just come across bad people only, right? Maybe that’s where Carol is, safe with Beth and Daryl came back to get everyone and take them there? What do you guys think?

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Slabtown’