This week on The Walking Dead we find out where Beth has been and what she’s been going through while everyone else has been dealing with Terminus. She was picked up by some cops and a doctor and taken to a hospital in Downtown Atlanta. They claim that she had been knocked out and was being attacked by a Walker when they got there.

The Walking Dead slabtown 01The Good

– Beth is alive and well and seems like she’s not taking anyone’s crap.

– Noah. He is a lot like Beth in the way that he might seem small and controllable, but he’s actually strong and smart. I think he might be who was with Daryl in the woods.

– Food. I know it’s not much, and the system they use there really sucks, but there’s food there and lots of it.

– Beth and Noah come up with a plan to get out through the gross elevator shaft. They make it all the way to the parking lot before they get caught, and Beth was kicking major Walker ass. Even though Beth gets cuffed by the cops, Noah makes it out, which to her made it all worth it.

– Beth tricking the creepy cop who wanted to rape her into thinking she was into it, only to have him get eaten by Joan.

– It seems to me like Beth has really grown up since she had been with Daryl. She’s learned a lot about how to survive. She knows she’s in a bad situation, and that she has to get out of there as soon as possible, and she’s ready to kill whoever gets in her way.

– Carol gets wheeled in at the end, and Beth sees her right before she’s about to stab the doctor with scissors. If you ask me, Carol isn’t really hurt, I’m pretty sure she was just trying to get inside to see what’s going on in there.

The Walking Dead slabtown 02The Bad

– Dawn is a terrible person. She is a control freak, abusive cop with O.C.D. and all she wants is order. She seriously believes that someone is going to come save them, and that they are doing right by the world by treating people like that and living that way.

– You pay back what you take. There is no possible way that you will ever be allowed to leave there with those rules in place. For everything you eat, you owe them something else. So, either you don’t eat and hope that they agree that you’re paid up, which wouldn’t happen because you’ll be charged for the clothes you wear and the bed you sleep in, or you are a prisoner for life.

– The doctor. At first I liked him, I would even go so far as to say I was starting to trust him. But he’s just as bad as the cops. He only cares about himself and securing his place there. He even told Beth to give the guy that was dying the wrong medication because he was a doctor and he was afraid that once he healed that they wouldn’t need him anymore.

– Sawing off Joan’s arm. It was just gross!

– Everyone in the hospital needs to go, they are all terrible people. I’m really hoping that with Carol’s help Beth can take them all out and maybe the group will have somewhere safe to stay for a while.


Next week on The Walking Dead: The Choice