Hey Towelites! This week’s episode of The Walking Dead brought everyone back in one episode. We’ve got the situation on the road with Eugene and Abraham, the rescue mission for Beth and Carol and the church with Michonne, Carl and Gabriel (and Judith of course.)

The Good:

– We realize that Eugene is not useless, even though he can’t fight. While on a run for some water, Tara, Rosita and Glen find that the stream is polluted and the water is not drinkable at all. Within 2 seconds Rosita tears off a piece of her shirt and makes a water filter out of it, which is something that Eugene taught her to do. So, he might be a liar (which was his only way twd_ep411_eugene11to survive at that point, the lie just went too far) and he might not be able to fight his way out of a herd of Walkers, but he can help you survive.

– Tara. I really like her, and the fact that they gave her some jokes this episode was great. She came up with GREATM as their team name, and cracked some joke to Walkers trapped under a log that they should stay where they are, there’s nothing in Washington for them. Is it just me, or does it seem like when people are with Abraham’s group the mood kind of lightens? There’s little jokes, and they don’t seem as stressed out all the time.

– Maggie. She didn’t do anything spectacular in this episode, but she still kicked ass. When Abraham looked like he was about to throw down with Rosita (who, by the way didn’t flinch or back down one bit!) Maggie pointed her gun at him and made him back down. I think she was doing this more for his own good than to protect Rosita. She also made a tent for Eugene to keep the sun out of his face. I just think that she’s awesome and resourceful, and I don’t know how far they would get without her.

– Gabriel is at the church with Michonne, Carl and Judith. He’s losing it because they had to break down some of the pews to board up the church, and there’s blood on the floor. Carl and Michonne are trying to get him to let them teach him how to fight and protect himself, and even though he takes the machete, he really wants no part of it. While he’s hiding out in his little room he takes apart the floor boards and escapes. Seriously. For someone who is so terrified of Walkers, why would he put himself in that situation? He’s with good people who will protect him, and he flees? He almost gets bit and just when he’s about to smash the Walker in the head with a rock he chickens out because she’s wearing a cross. I know he’s battling with good and evil right now, but this is the world he lives in, he can’t get by like this. He’s being a stupid wuss and I hope he gets eaten in the next episode!

– Beth gives her two cents when Dawn tells one of her stupid turn Carol’s machines off and see if she makes it on her own. But as soon as he walks away Dawn gives her the key to the drug locker and tells her to save her. I don’t understand Dawn, and I don’t care that she did that, I still don’t like her. I think she’s a power hungry demon lady and she needs to be put in her place.

Beth does get the meds to Carol, and hopefully they help fix her up. I know they will, they have to right? Carol’s a fighter, plus, we’re not ready to lose her. She can’t go down like this, being hit by a car! If she’s going down, she’s going down fighting.

– Rick and everyone else are trying to come up with a plan to get into the hospital and get Beth and Carol out of there. Rick’s plan is to kill everyone, get them and go. Tyreese and Daryl think it would be best to try a hostage trade off so no one gets 2b750154-108f-c98d-5be4-e0902628cef5_amc_twd_gallery__zombie_gallery_2852hurt. What do you guys think? Kill everyone or try to be civil? I think Rick’s having some major trust issues lately, and he has every right to after what happened at Terminus, but does anyone else think that he might be losing his humanity just a little bit? Thankfully he has his family around him to help kick his butt back in gear if he needs it.

– Melted Walkers! Oh my God, how gross were they? Daryl gets into a fight with one of the cops, who is trying to shove Daryl’s face into one of them and he grabs him by the eyeballs like a bowling ball and hits him with the skull until he gets off of him. Apparently these were the Walkers that got hit with the Napalm in season 2.

– Sasha is dealing with the loss of Bob, trying to come to terms with it and the fact that she wasn’t the one who ended it for him. After a conversation with Tyreese she seems to be feeling better and hears that the guy that they have for the hostage trade off is named Bob. Officer Bob is what I was calling him. So, Officer Bob seems nice, like he’s giving them the information they need to do this right, to get Dawn to cooperate and helping to make sure that no body gets hurt in the process. Sasha is guarding him and they’re talking about his friend that he saw melted in the ground and how that could have been him. She decides to help him by putting his friend down for him, and that’s when I knew Officer Bob wasn’t the nice guy we thought he was. As soon as she goes to shoot he knocks her out and takes off. See! Rick’s right! You can’t trust anyone! Kill them all, get Beth and Carol out of there and take off!

The Bad:

– Can’t Rick just once stay home with his family? I get it, he wants to be there for the fight, but come on! Just stay with your kids ONE TIME! Michonne and Daryl can more than take care of anything and everything out there. It really just drives me crazy.


– I’m getting tired of there only being bad guys out there, except for our group of course. Yes, they met up with Abraham’s group, and they’re good, but can’t they find some sort of larger group of good people to team up with? I know it would take a lot for everyone to trust, but they can’t all be bad can they?

Next week:

We really didn’t get a lot of details on next week’s episode. I know it’s the mid-season finale, which I am not happy about. Everything’s getting ugly at the hospital, hopefully they get Beth and Carol out of there and back to safety. I’d like to spend my hiatus knowing that at least they’re fine. Oh, and Gabriel finds Bob’s foot on a grill at the school that Gareth and the Termites had him at. He better high tail it back to the church or he’s really going to be sorry!

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Coda’