Well guys, it was the mid-season finale and it was a doozy. The trade off went almost as planned at the hospital, the church is overrun with Walkers now and Abraham and that whole group are all back. I have no idea where they are going to go now, but I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of obstacles when the show comes back in February.

The Good:

– Officer Bob is dead. While he’s trying to run, and being chased by Walkers, Rick is following him in a cop car telling him to stop. When he doesn’t stop he hits him with the car and he catapults onto his head. As he’s basically begging for his life, asking Rick to Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMChelp him and saying he thinks his back is broken, Rick tells him he should have stopped, shoots him in the head and says, “Shut up.”

– Gabriel goes back to the church after going to the school, but gets followed by a hoard of Walkers. As he gets into the church, so do they. He shows Carl and Michonne the escape through the directory, and stays behind to keep the Walkers out of the room before he gets out too. He does get a kill, well, kind of, a Walker fell on his machete. When they get outside, they board the doors to keep them in. So, now the church is gone, but at least they’re all safe.

– Abraham’s crew gets back just in time, and Michonne tells Maggie that everyone went to go save Beth from the hospital. They all pile in the fire truck and take off to help.

– Dawn is doing everything she can to get Beth on her side, she’s helping her out, showing that she is human and isn’t all that bad. Basically it seems like she’s trying to brain wash her into staying because Noah left and she doesn’t have anyone else there to do her laundry and whatever else she needs. Though, I will say that at one point I was actually starting to wonder if she was a little bit good. They were definitely making you feel for her a little bit, but just a little bit. Not enough for me to like her.

– Rick gets everything set in motion for the trade. The two cops he has in custody are on his side, saying that Officer Bob was attacked by Walkers, and he tells the other two cops that find him outside what the plan is, two of theirs for two of his. Everything seems to be going down without a hitch, but the whole time I knew, I just knew something was going to happen. Carol and Beth get beth-and-daryl-coda-the-walking-dead-season-5-coda-and-defining-momentstraded over, and just as our group turns to walk out, Dawn pulls her crap and says that she needs Noah back in Beth’s place, since she’s leaving they’re down one person and she needs the help. Noah agrees, even though Rick and everyone else were fighting saying he wasn’t going anywhere. Beth goes to confront Dawn, stabs her in the shoulder with the scissors she had stashed in her cast, and Dawn “accidentally” shoots her in the head! SHE SHOT HER IN THE HEAD!!!! Instantly, Daryl shoots Dawn in the head, with tears just rolling down his face. The others in the hospital stop anything from going any further by saying “It stops with her” and offering them all a place in the hospital. Rick denies them, but offers anyone there that wants to leave a place with them. Noah goes with them, but everyone else stays back. As they’re walking out of the hospital, Daryl carrying Beth, that’s the exact moment that Abraham and everyone else show up. Maggies sees Beth and collapses, everyone is crying, it was so terribly sad.

– Now, I want to talk about Beth. As a character, we have seen her grow so much. From this little innocent girl, who didn’t know or understand how to handle this world, to someone you would trust with your life. Yes, she still had a bit of innocence about her, but she was learning how to cope with this world in the best way possible. She was strong and smart and could kick major ass if she needed to. The whole story arc with her and Daryl last season was great, it really showed you who she was and who she was becoming. When she burned the house down for Daryl and they gave it the finger, one of the best moments on the show! She was one of the best characters on that show and I am really sad to see her go.

The Bad:

– Even though everyone is back together, they don’t have a safe house anymore. Where are they going to go now?

– We have to wait until February. Yes, it will go by fast, but still, that’s two whole months!!! Why do shows even have a hiatus anymore? Everyone has a DVR now, if you’re not home when the shows on, just watch the recording. I say death to hiatuses!

That’s all for now Towelites. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday! I’ll see you in February and enjoy the preview for the season’s return below.