Hey Towelites! Are you guys as excited as I am that The Walking Dead is back?! I don’t know about you, but I spent the entire day just waiting for it to be 9:00. This episode was really well done, and sad. Really, really sad.

The Walking Dead The Cost of Living 02The Good

– They got Noah back home, which was Beth’s promise to him. What seemed like a safe place to be, a gated community, turned out to be not so safe. From what it looked like some bad people broke into the neighborhood and went crazy, what they didn’t kill or burn the Walkers did when they got there.
– Michonne finding the framed signed jersey and smashing it to get the shirt out so she would have a clean shirt. It just goes to show that everything we hold dear and cherish right now would mean absolutely nothing if that world was our reality.
– Noah going home and finding his mother on the floor. The house ransacked, one brother dead, another a walker. It brought up the question, would you want to go home? At first I said I would, I would want to see my house, my things, maybe grab some clothes or pictures, something to help me remember. Then I thought about it some more and thought, maybe not so much. I don’t know how much I would want to remember at that point.
– Michonne seems to be getting tired of all the fighting and struggling they’ve been doing. She just wants to find a safe place to be, so they can actually live instead of running all the time. After Rick knocking down every attempt she has to figure out a way to make this gated community safe, they finally settle on going to Washington. Thinking that Eugene had to have picked it for a reason, whether or not he knows the cure, maybe it will be safer there.
– Now to Tyreese. The groups moral compass, our great big teddy bear. While he was looking at family photos on Noah’s brothers wall, Noah’s brother, now a zombie, comes in a bites Tyreese on the arm. I knew something was coming, but I really wasn’t expecting that. While he’s bleeding, he goes into a fever state and starts hallucinating everyone that has died. Bob, Lizzie and Mika, Beth, even The Governor and Martin from Terminus are there. They’re all telling him that it’s okay to let go, that it’s better where they are. Though Tyreese is still fighting to stay alive, you can see he’s drifting in and out. Once Noah catches up to Rick, Michonne and Glenn, they go back to try and save him. They cut his arm off and take off trying to get him back to the car and back to camp, wherever that is. Unfortunately, it didn’t work like it did with Hershel and Tyreese dies in the car. I absolutely loved Tyreese. I thought that he was one of the greatest characters. He never went against what he believed, he was sweet and didn’t want to hurt anyone or anything. He was one of the good ones and he will be missed.

The Walking Dead The Cost of Living 01The Bad

– I’m tired of writing eulogy’s for our favorite characters. I’m really hoping that after killing off Bob, Beth and now Tyreese, we can have a little break from death. Though, who knows, it looks like things aren’t going to get better for our group any time soon.
– I have a feeling that our group is going to come face to face with some bad people, again. Can’t there just be some good left? I mean, come on already! At least give them a little bit of a break, they’re getting tired.
Next week looks like they have run out of food and water, and still have no shelter or camp. Everyone seems to be dragging and this can’t be good. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up this season!
The Walking Dead S5E9 “The Cost of Living” recap