So we start off this episode with Hershel half a leg shorter and incapacitated  The inmates who I have named, Tough Guy Pony Tail, Big Tiny (because they said his name), Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Kevin Hart and Oscar (they said his name too), all trying to figure out what is going on and still trying to act tough while doing so. Rick, Darryl and T strike a deal with the inmates to help them clear out another cell block while splitting half of the food that’s left. The inmates were fine, except for Tough Guy Pony Tail, who was just making me mad the whole time. He had this “I’m so badass” look on his face, like he was king of the castle… or should I say cell block?

On the other side of the prison we have everyone else trying to help take care of Hershel. It seems like Carol has taken the lead on this, apparently Hershel’s been training her to help deliver Lori’s baby. Carl makes a breakthrough by finding the infirmary and is able to score some gauze and medicine. Which of course makes Lori yell at him, but whatever, she’s stupid.

Rick, Darryl and T try to give the inmates a tutorial on how to kill a walker, which they obviously don’t listen to because the minute the inmates come in contact with them they try to start a prison yard scuffle while shanking walkers in the stomach. This leads to Big Tiny getting scratched and bit and Tough Guy Pony Tail going all serial killer on him and hacking him to pieces. At this point I’ve decided that I seriously hate this dude and I hope something terrible happens to him, which, of course it does when he decides to be stupid and throw a Walker at Rick and Rick hacks him in the head with a machete, Hooray!

At this point I’m starting to realize that Rick is totally shutting down. It seems as though he is losing some of his compassion, which is understandable. If you were to go through what he has then you would get a little hard around the edges too, wouldn’t you? I actually saw it starting to happen last season when he killed the guys in the bar. He obviously still cares about everyone in the group, but he just seems to be a bit calloused, especially with Lori.  The look on his face when he shut the gate after the Kevin Hart inmate ran out into the Walker infested prison yard really says it all.  I know he was trying to protect the group, but this guy really didn’t do anything at all.
The guys take Oscar and Oh Brother Where Art Thou to their cell block and give them some haphazard advice on staying alive.  I understand to a point why they are keeping them seperated, but where is the compassion?  To me it would make more sense for them to bring the guys over to their cell block and keep a watch on them.  See if they can trust them to become part of the group.  There’s safety in numbers, right?

Carol decides to experiment on Walkers since she needs to know how to perform a C-Section in case Lori goes into labor and Hershel isn’t able to do the delivery. I actually thought this was a really cool concept. I mean, they really are just walking cadavers, right? While she’s experimenting we see that someone is watching her from the woods. Who could it be?!?! My guess is Merle, but we shall see!

Hershel makes it out of his coma, but only after he stops breathing and Lori gives him mouth to mouth. Did anyone else feel like this was a horrible idea?

All in all, I thought this episode offered a little bit of everything. There was conflict, lots of Walkers, action, compassion. I can’t wait until next week when we finally get to meet The Governor!!!