The Tombs

How’d everyone feel about the finale? Honestly, I thought it was pretty good, maybe a little lackluster with all the action this season though. I figured the past few episodes being a little slower that it was the calm before the storm, but I guess not.

As much as Andrea annoyed me this season, everything with her character made complete sense in the end and I really am going to miss her. I’m going to miss Milton too, he was starting to grow on me. Every scene between the two of them was nerve wrecking! I kept yelling at her to get the damn pliers! Was it just me or was she really taking her time with that? I would have ben going as fast as I could to get those suckers!


In the beginning of the episode I honestly thought that our prison group had a little bit more up their sleeves than that though, I was hoping for the tunnels to be completely booby trapped and was almost prepared for the entire prison to blow up, but they were able to run them out in the end, so it worked out.  It seems like The Governor’s army weren’t really made out to be soldiers were they?  I knew that he was going to punish them for taking off, but I didn’t think he would kill every single one of them!  That was a bit much, but it did show what kind of a monster he really is.  Martinez and the other guy (sorry, I don’t know his name) were really reluctant to get in that truck with him!  That was another opportunity for someone to take him out, I mean, they could have just shot him right there in the truck and took off, but no, they get in the truck with him not having any idea what they’re going to do next!   


What is going on with Carl right now?  At first I thought that he was just shooting that kid in cold blood, until he explained it to Rick, then it made perfect sense to me.  When you’re in that situation, could you just allow someone to surrender?  Who knows what they have up their sleeve?  He was acting a bit snotty though, especially when he threw the sheriff’s badge down in front of Rick. 

Once Rick, Michonne and Daryl hit the road to Woodbury I had an idea of what was going to happen. It was obvious that they would find Kate, she would explain everything to them and they would try to save everyone they could in Woodbury.  Though again, I was hoping that maybe The Governor had gone back there and there would be a show down, but no.  They were able to find Andrea though, and in an extremely touching scene everyone was able to make amends with her before she died.  It was so nice to see her and Michonne together again, and I did like that Michonne stayed with her while she took herself out. 


In the end, Rick was able to round everyone up from Woodbury and bring them back to the prison.  They have Tyreese back on their side, which is great, and all the old people and kids.  Everything ended on a happy note, and it seems like they’re getting their own little community together.  But honestly, all I wanted was some action.  I wanted to see The Governor taken out, or at least be left with a cliff hanger like, is he dead?  Isn’t he dead? Now all we have is where is he and when is he coming back?  What is he going to do when he finds out his town is empty?  I really didn’t think they would cross his character over to the fourth season, but I guess we’ll see in October how it all turns out.