The Walking Dead is only 2 weeks away from its third season, but in a repeat of last year, the producers have released an online-only appetizer in the form of a four-part series of webisodes titled Cold Storage. Makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero and writer John Esposito, who collaborated on the show’s six-part Web series “Torn Apart” last fall; reunite to bring us this amazing feature. The episodes are only 10-minutes or less, but the gore and action are just as intense as a full-on episode.

The new webisodes will feature actors Josh Stewart and Daniel Roebuck (Lost) as a duo of survivors in a cold storage facility. One of them has a secret though, and it could be quite a dark one. Actress Cerina Vincent and Chris Nelson also star. The webisodes use characters that may only be in a background of an epsidoe, but eventually link up. If you’re not too scared to look below, you can watch the first webisode  by clicking here.

Thanks to LaTimes for the scoop!