Walking Dead Season 3 starts off with a bang! This season begins after what seems to be a very long winter. Lori is extremely pregnant and they are now trying to find a safe place to settle down. The group, under the leadership of Rick, has gotten extremely organized.

Carl has officially found his place now, and is no longer viewed as the nuisance kid anymore and Rick has given him a lot more responsibility. He has definitely grown into the hat.

After quickly having to evacuate a house they found to settle down in the team grabs everything and takes off to a safe place down the road. While Rick and Darryl go out to hunt they notice a prison. Though it’s crawling with Walkers, Rick sees this as a good opportunity for the group. With the security of the prison gates and the fact that it is designed to keep people in (or out) this should be a place where they can settle down and feel secure. Not to mention there could be food, supplies, an arsenal, infirmary and plenty of other necessities they are seriously lacking at this point.

Rick pushes everyone to their limits having to clean up the walkers inside the gates. There are even walkers in riot gear that take a little more to kill. Eventually the group prevails and is able to get into the prison and take a minute to actually breath.

Lori has a talk with Hershel about not having felt the baby move in some time and she’s starting to really worry about that. Seeing as they know now that everyone is infected she’s afraid that if the baby dies while she’s still pregnant that something could go very wrong. What if the baby turns before she gives birth? That really gives you something to think about there doesn’t it?

In the meantime, Andrea is off somewhere with Michonne, and seems to be pretty sick. They really don’t give any more information than that on the two of them, but I am anxious to see where they end up as well.

Rick decides that they need to investigate the prison and gets a team together to go through the place. While they are checking everything out they end up getting completely surrounded by Walkers. They are trapped and end up having to split up. Hershel hears Maggie and breaks off from Rick to go find her. As soon as he walks away you know something bad is going to happen. He gets caught on the leg by a Walker and she takes a huge chunk out of his calf! Everyone hears his screams and runs to save him when they notice he’s been bit. They grab him, drag him into another room where Rick grabs a belt, ties a tourniquet and, without hesitation, hacks off his leg. At this point I actually yelled “HOLY HERSHEL’S LEG!” with my hands over my mouth.

They pan over to a group of prison inmates staring at them with their mouths open.

Next week it looks like Andrea and Michonne meet The Governor and that there is some conflict with the inmates and Rick’s group. Will they team up with the inmates? Or will Rick decide to get rid of them to keep his group safe? Stay tuned at DFAT for more updates!