Well, another episode has come and gone and I’m left again with the feeling of fear and disgust. Man, this show is awesome.

We’ll start at the beginning though…

walking-dead-strangers-recapEveryone is back together, and trying to figure out what the next step is. They need to find somewhere safe to stay, but right now it’s just the woods and taking shifts. As they’re walking they hear someone screaming for help and see a priest on top of a boulder kicking at about 6 Walkers. When they initially heard the screams Rick didn’t want to go save him, but Carl (who is apparently Rick’s conscience now) convinces him that it’s the right thing to do. So, they save him and we have now officially met Father Gabriel.

Father Gabriel comes off like this nice, God fearing man that wouldn’t hurt anyone. He claims he hasn’t killed any Walkers or people, and that he’s basically just been hiding out in his church this whole time. I’m not buying it. I can’t believe that at this point in their world that anyone could still be that trusting and have that much faith. He’s clean and well put together and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Now, I haven’t read anything past the first compendium in the books, so I don’t know who he is yet, but I can tell you that I already don’t trust him. I’ll get to my theory about him later on.

the-walking-dead-strangers_article_story_largeRegardless of how I’m feeling, he does help our gang out and lets them stay at the church. He also tells them where to find more canned food.

Rick makes him go with them to get the food, even though he clearly is terrified. But since Rick doesn’t trust him, he won’t let him out of his sight. Which is probably smart. You wouldn’t want to leave him back at the church with Carl and Judith. Even though I’m sure no one there would have let anything happen, but you don’t know what people are capable of these days. Better safe than sorry I say.

While they’re at the food pantry they find a crap ton of canned food, along with a good amount of slimy, water logged Walkers. The food and the walkers have fallen into a hole in the ground and there is waist high, murky water and some of the most disgusting, amazing Walkers I’ve seen so far. Their skin looked like it was just melting off of them. They were terrifying! Everyone fights them off, except for Father Gabriel of course, since he’s all righteous and won’t kill anything, and Rick has to kill Gabriel’s old girlfriend. At least that’s who I’m assuming she was since he seemed to be upset about it being her and had a picture of the two of them back at the church. Did anyone else think she looked like Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory? Anyhow, everyone thinks that it’s clear and all of sudden Bob gets pulled under water. He comes back up the walking dead strangersquickly and kills the Walker, but still, GROSS! What if he got that water in his mouth? The thought makes me want to gag!

So now they have boxes and boxes and boxes of food, more than I think we’ve seen on this show other than in the prison, and when they get back to the church it’s time to feast. Everyone’s having a great time, laughing and eating and relaxing, so we all know this episode is NOT going to end well.

There’s a few other things going on at this point too. Carol and Daryl found a car and there was a battery charger in it.

Bob and Sasha are together, which I didn’t know, but good for them. Though knowing the show I knew something would happen to one of them because they kept showing them kissing and being cute. So yeah, no one can be happy for very long here.

During the festivities Carol decides to go back to the car they had found, it seems like she’s going to take off. Which is weird to me, especially since everyone has accepted her back with open arms. I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t, but it doesn’t matter because Daryl found her and wouldn’t let her go even if she tried. As they’re talking the car with the cross on the back (that took Beth) speeds by. Without hesitation Daryl grabs Carol and they jump in the car to chase them down. So hopefully we’re finding TWD_5-2Beth soon, I’ve been pretty worried about her!

Back at the church Bob decides to go outside for a good cry. You know that’s a bad idea, right? Why wouldn’t he just find another room to go be alone in? But no, he HAS to go outside to cry, so that he can be knocked in the head and taken away. By who you ask? Oh, just by Gareth and the survivors from TERMINUS! And in another super messed up Walking Dead moment, they show that Bob’s missing part of his leg, and everyone is eating him, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!! So wrong, it’s just so wrong!

Now, here’s my Father Gabriel theory. I think that he’s actually in cahoots with Terminus. Like he directed people to them in exchange for food and safety. I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out, but that’s what it seems like to me.

Next week’s scenes didn’t give us too much to go on, other than the fact that there are 3 people missing (Carol, Daryl and Bob) and Bob is still alive. I guess we’ll find out more next Sunday.
Until then Towelites, and please, PLEASE, don’t go off by yourselves. Terminus could find you and eat you!