I can be as cynical as I want when it comes to this project. The Dark Tower has entered the 7th layer of development hell! When we last reported about The Dark Tower project, Warner Brothers was waiting for a script from Akiva Goldsmith(Batman Forever), I’m thinking that didn’t go so well. Warner Bros passed. News is that MRC:: Media Rights Capital may scoop this one up. I wonder how they would dig up a budget for this with their lackluster past. MRC has funded about ten films, including: Devil, Babel, Bruno, and Ted (I hear Ted is good). Point here is where will the funds come from period. The Dark Tower, start to finish, is EPIC. Where two MAJOR studios (Disney and Fox)  failed to complete the classic, C.S. Lewis, Narnia story, how can anyone expect a project like this to work?? And you wonder why the big boys, Universal and now WB, have passed on it.  My biggest fear is that someone funds it and the project begins. We as fans get an awesome first move, The Gunslinger, FANS REJOICE. Then hit TV with The Drawing of Three, this story line would translate well into television series, THEN, The Wastelands happens and TOTALLY flops in theaters! Then all of a sudden the project runs outta support and cash flow and collapses. Leaving us unfinished, empty. Eff that.

Good luck to any company that wants to undertake this, don’t look at dollar value, do it only if you have the passion to complete it.


Via: Screen Rant