In another bullsh*t move by Warner Brothers, they are decided to shut the doors on their Direct-to-Video distribution line, Warner Premiere. This is disheartening news to anyone who’s watched the best things that WB has put out, the DC Comics adaptations (@ CynicNerd), or sweet DTV horror movies like Lost Boys: The Thirst, and the OPUS by Michael Dougherty, Trick ‘R Treat. The company also packaged Mortal Kombat: Legacy– the digital series that came out through Machinima.

According to a statement to TheWrap, WB went on to say, “”Given the continuing decline in the direct-to-video film market and shifting business models in the production of digital series, the decision was made to close Warner Premiere.”

They also went on to tell Deadline that they intend to take any future projects and simply fold them into Warner Home Video, Warner Digital Distribution or Warner Bros. Animation.

I’m not sure what that means for any sweet horror movies in the future, and I’m especially scared about what it means to the second part to The Dark Knight Returns animated movie expected early next year. All I do know, is that I don’t like Warner Brothers. They don’t care about their fans. First, they got rid of their rewards program; which I found an excellent way to get blurays that I wouldn’t normally buy because WB usually distributes horrible movies. Now, they are taking away the one division that I really DO enjoy, other than their television animation, which is actually top-notch. We’ll see how this all goes over, just please don’t screw up The Dark Knight Returns ok?