A lot of people hate the “muppet factor” of Return of the Jedi, but it’s still my favorite film. The rescuing of Han, the fight on the Sail Barge, the speeder bikes, and I even love the Ewoks. Of course one special Ewok rises above them all, and that’s Wicket.

Played by Warwick Davis, he quickly became a fan favorite. Davis himself went on to be in numerous films like Willow and the Leprechaun series. He even had the chance to show up in The Phantom Menace. Almost twenty years later, he’ll be making another Star Wars appearance in Star Wars Episode VII.

It’s not known if Warwick will be another cameo appearance like he did in Episode I, or if possibly he’ll be donning the wear of Wicket again. I guess we’ll have to find out until December of next year when J. J. Abrams and company unveils it’s newest sequel in the Star Wars saga!