What a crazy week for Geekly News eh? We learned that Ben Affleck was named Batman, much to the world’s chagrin. We also heard from Michael Bay’s new Transformers film and whose joining the cast of Fast & Furious 7. Check out the randomness of the week below!

– Ricky Gervais is a mad genius, and he says he wants to bring David Brent back to the big screen for a movie based off of his UK series, The Office. Just tell me when Ricky, I’ll be there. In the meantime, you can learn the guitar from David Brent on Gervais’s YouTube channel. 

– Michael Bay is Autobot-deep in the filming of Transformers 4 in Chicago right now. The rumor is that they were filming scenes with the Dinobots today. It’s a rumor at the moment, but we do have an official production still of Mark Wahlberg, Bay, and the production team.


– Fast and Furious 7 is adding martial arts actor Tony Jaa to the cast. Nothing is known on his character, but it’s likely we’ll get to see him in action with some of the other cast members.

– Stan Lee will not be making an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The Marvel creator has only appeared in the first X-Men film, and X-Men: The Last Stand; but he’ll be left out of the new film. Kind of a shame, I always love his cameos.

– We have a still from the upcoming, Machete Kills. The picture features some of the female talent of the film. Love those gun-boob props for Sofia Vergara.



– Pirates 5 is supposedly getting the title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I can’t wait to see when it’s officially called: POC: No One Cares Anymore.

– NECA has made a Mego-style Jason Voorhees figure. It’s a pretty cool design. Almost looks like the Jason from Friday the 13th part 3. Check it out below.



That’s all the Randomness we can handle for one week, hope you enjoyed! Stay Tuned to DFAT for more wackiness as it comes!