Wow, just wow. I know this wasn’t going to be an all-star weekend or anything. I mean, next week we get Resident Evil: Retribution, and there’s bound to be a little bit of limbo before that. But these numbers are horrible. The Possession remained at the Number #1 position with only 9.5mil bucks! That’s just insane. Even more insane, is that it’s the 2nd week in a row that it’s done this. I’m glad I don’t have cable to see the “Head to the theatres and witness the #1 Scariest Film in America….” . One “winner” this weekend was Bradley Cooper’s, The Words; and the only reason is because the movie cost  6mil, so it will no doubt make it’s money back. Check out the rest of the Top Ten down below.

Weekend Total
1. The Possession $9,500,000 $33.3
2. Lawless $6,002,000 $23.5
3. The Words $5,000,000 $5
4. The Expendables 2 $4,750,000 $75.4
5. The Bourne Legacy $4,038,000 $103.6
6. ParaNorman $3,830,000 $45
7. Odd Life of Timothy Green $3,650,000 $43
8. The Campaign $3,530,000 $79.4
9. The Dark Knight Rises $3,285,000 $437.8
10.  2016 Obama’s America $3,281,200 $26

Another horrible thing to point out is there was a pretty decent-looking movie that opened up this weekend. It was the one with Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver called, In the Cold Light of Day. Now, don’t get me wrong, it looked like a Bourne ripoff; but it had to be more entertaining than The Possession. Whoever marketed this movie, *ahem* Lionsgate, really dropped the ball because it didn’t even scratch the Top Ten. Anywho, next week we all know that the Paul W.S. Anderson/Milla Jovovich combo will be #1,and hopefully start off the fall movies with a decent opening. They are really only going up against the 3D return of Finding Nemo; and really, who cares?