It’s a very good day to be a Bad Boy as the latest installment in the franchise is the #1 movie at the Box Office this weekend. Bad Boys For Life debuted with $59 million and was able to secure the top spot after nearly 13 years between movies. This is pretty fantastic news despite it being a Sony movie and without Michael Bay back in the director chair. The chemistry was still there between stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith and it looks like the audiences were there to see the comedy action on display!

The other premier of the weekend, Dolittle, didn’t quite fare as well. The movie opened up to $22 million in the 2nd spot but also had a swath of scathing reviews. It really does seem to be the fact that Robert Downey Jr. has yet to find his footing outside of the MCU. Did somebody say Weird Science sequel? Yes, yes I did and maybe that will help redeem him. In the meantime, the rest of the Top Ten are below.

1.Bad Boys For Life $59,175,000

2.Dolittle $22,530,000

3.1917 $22,140,000

4.Jumanji: The Next Level $9,565,000

5.Rise of Skywalker $8,374,000

6.Just Mercy$6,000,000

7.Little Women $5,910,000

8.Knives Out $4,300,000

9.Like A Boss $3,840,000

10.Frozen II $3,717,000

Next weekend, is the premieres of both The Gentlemen and The Turning. The former is the upcoming Guy Ritchie film that I GUESS he filmed simultaneously with Aladdin. I’ve just started seeing previews for it recently and it looks to be pretty fantastic. The latter is a cool looking horror film. Will either of them be able to take down the Bad Boys? Find out on the next edition of Weekend Roundup.