Joker was met with some wild acclaim coming off of the Venice Film Festival. Then, it got met with some harsh critics when it was released to reviewers. People were worried about going to the theatre and getting shot, and police were put on high alert. All of this back and forth really left us wondering just what was going to happen at the Box Office, it seems it was all for good. The film took over Venom as the highest opening October film of all-time with $93.5 million. Not only that, it was the an International hit as well, earning $140 million overseas. You can see the rest of the Top 10 contenders below.

1. Joker $93,500,000
2. Abominable $12,000,000
3. Downton Abbey $8,000,000
4. Hustlers $6,300,000
5. IT: Chapter Two $5,355,000
6. Ad Astra $4,557,000
7. Judy $4,445,635
8. Rambo: Last Blood $3,550,000
9. War (2019) $1,581,000
10. Good Boys $900,000

Next weekend, The Kind of Comedy is going to get some stiff completion in the form of Gemini Man starring Will SmithThe Addams Family animated movie starring Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron, and Jexi starring Adam Devine all making their debuts. Will anyone be able to dethrone Joker? Find out in the next edition of Weekend Roundup.