It’s pretty obvious at this point, that Gravity is going to be bringing home an Oscar. Whether it’s for director, Alfonso Cuaron, or Sandra Bullock, or just for being a fantastic movie. In it’s 3rd week at #1, it’s brought in another $31mil and has achieved a total of $170mil! Newcomers Carrie and The Escape Plan had solid weekend as well, with $17mil and $9.8mil respectively. Check below for the rest of the Box Office ratings.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Gravity $31,030,000 $123.4
2.  Captain Phillips $17,300,000 $53.3
3.  Carrie $17,000,000 $17.0
4.  Cloudy 2 $10,100,000 $93.1
5.  Escape Plan $9,800,000 $9.8
6.  Prisoners $2,065,000 $57.3
7.  Enough Said $1,800,000 $10.8
8.  The Fifth Estate $1,714,000 $1.7
9.  Runner Runner $1,625,000 $17.5
10.  Insidious Chapter 2 $1,533,000 $80.9

I’m not even sure what’s going to come out of next week’s numbers. I had thoughts that Carrie would be #1 this week, but with Gravity destroying all preconceptions of Box Office records, I can’t way I’d be shocked if it takes the top spot again.