I’m really going to try and not let this week’s Weekend Roundup turn into an “I hate Tyler Perry” rant, but I will go off for just a second. First, why does Hollywood keep giving this person money? Second, he’s not even an actor! He’s a homeless bum who dresses in drag and SOMEHOW audiences go wild for it. I’ve seen it, it’s been done, and it’s been done better. Heck, Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor is better, so is Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House. Maybe it’s because the only ‘issues’ that those movies really deal with are eating and getting the girl. That must be it.

Regardless, Perry tried to step out of the women’s clothing and go for the serious role this week in Alex Cross. It turned out horribly for him. He barely made the Top #5 with 11.7mil. The #1 spot went to Paranormal Activity 4 of course. Though, this fourth installment in the franchise made the least amount of money since the first one with only 30.2mil. Hopefully that is an indication to put these movies to rest. Doubtful. Next week see Cloud Atlas. A movie that I’m listening to now and find completely and utterly more un-filmmable than any book I’ve ever read. So, good luck to the Wachowski’s with all that.

Title Weekend Total
1. Paranormal Activity 4 $30,200,000 $30.2
2. Argo $16.625,000 $43.1
3. Hotel Transylvania $13,500,000 $119
4. Taken 2 $13,400,000 $105.9
5. Alex Cross $11,750,000 $11.7
6. Sinister $9,030,000 $31.9
7. Here Comes the Boom $8.500,000 $23.2
8. Pitch Perfect $7,000,000 $45.7
9. Frankenweenie $4,434,000 $23.3
10. Looper $4,200,000 $57.8