I had all my monies on John Wick being #1 at the Box Office this weekend. It opened to fantastic reviews, and seemed like Keanu Reeves would take it; but then there was Ouija. A film based off a game based off of a pagan ritual. I was severely underestimating the general public to be in a the mood for a Halloween film and with $20million dollars in revenue, they proved me wrong.

John Wick didn’t do bad, however; it was still able to bring in $14million. It was able to dethrone last week’s Box Office winner of Fury, which was shy of the #2 position with $13million. The rest of the Top Ten can be seen below.

1. Ouija $20,000,000 
2. John Wick $14,150,000 
3. Fury $13,000,000 
4. Gone Girl $11,100,000 
5. The Book of Life $9,800,000 
6. St. Vincent $8,058,000 
7. Alexander and Terrible… $7,023,000 
8. The Best of Me $4,736,000 
9. The Judge $4,345,000
10. Dracula Untold $4,302,000

This upcoming Halloween Weekend should be an interesting one. Figuring I would never have thought Ouija would be #1, it should prove to be a good battle as it faces off against the return of Saw for it’s 10th Anniversary. Also, in the mix is the limited release of Horns and ABCs of Death 2.