Looks like Gravity has finally been unthroned! After spending 3 weeks in the #1 spot, the Alfonso Cuaron movie ended it’s region by pulling in a total of $199mil! Johnny Knoxville usurped it with his raunchy comedy, Bad Grandpa. Audiences packed theaters to see the Jackass alum pull more hi jinx with his Irv Zisman character. The movie debuted with $32mil, which beat out newcomers The Counselor and 12 Years a Slave.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Bad Grandpa $32,000,000 $32
2.  Gravity $20,300,000 $199.8
3.  Captain Phillips $11,800,000 $70
4.  The Counselor $8,000,000 $8
5.  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2   $6,100,000 $100.6
6.  Carrie $5,900,000 $26
7.  Escape Plan $4,340,000 $17.4
8.  12 Years a Slave $2,150,000 $3.4
9.  Enough Said $1,555,000 $13
10.  Prisoners $1,063,000 $59.1

Ridley Scott’s, The Counselor, is probably the biggest dissapoinment. The movie looked kinda cool, had a great cast, but you can’t tell anything about what’s going on from the preview. I still wanna check it out, but not enough to plop down $12 dollars just based off the names in the film and the director. 12 Years a Slave hasn’t reached wide release yet, so there’s still a chance for it to catch it’s legs through Oscar season.

Next week, we finally see the release of Ender’s Game. It’s sure to be the top movie, but I’d say it’s more likely to bring in around $30mil.  A lot of people don’t have faith in Gavin Hood (me being one of them); and the book is so incredibly good, that it’s going to be near impossible to capture it on film. I’m still going to see it, but I have medium hopes.

Stay Tuned to find out what happens on the next edition of Weekend Roundup here at DFAT!