Frozen 2 continues its reign of Box Office record breaking as it stays at the #1 position with $85 million and an even more astonishing $123.7 million in the five-day holiday weekend. The film has now beat The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as the biggest Thanksgiving Weekend of all-time. Domestically the movie has earned over $288 million and overseas its sitting on $739 million. Yes, that’s MILLION (said in Dr. Evil voice). Don’t be surprised if next week that number reaches a BILLION.

Newcomers Knives Out and Queen & Slim did pretty well on their debuts with their numbers equalling $27 million and $11 million, respectfully. You can see the rest of the Top Ten below.

  • 1. Frozen 2 $85,250,000
  • 2. Knives Out $27,022,000
  • 3. Ford v Ferrari $13,221,000
  • 4. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood $11,900,000
  • 5. Queen & Slim $11,700,000
  • 6. 21 Bridges $5,820,000
  • 7. Playing with Fire $4,200,000
  • 8. Midway $3,957,000
  • 9. Joker $2,030,000
  • 10. Last Christmas $1,980,000

Next weekend we won’t see any competition in the game so expect that these numbers will all dip, but the rankings should relatively be about the same. Find out if I’m right on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!