Hey Towelites, we have another Weekend Roundup, and this go-around we had a little shaking up in the Top Ten. Frozen finally was taken down from it’s high moose (see what I did there) by Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg‘s ‘Lone Survivor.’ Hand it to ‘Murica to celebrate a film based off the true tales of the NAVY Seals. The film brought in over $38.5mil!

The other newcomer, The Legend of Hercules, didn’t fare as well. It premiered with a $8.6mil opening weekend, and will probably be off the Top Ten after next week. Take a look at the rest of the films revenues below!


1. Lone Survivor$38,511,000 

2. Frozen$15,070,000 

3. The Wolf of Wall Street$9,000,000 

4. The Legend Of Hercules$8,600,000 

5. American Hustle$8,600,000 

6. The Hobbit 2$8,015,000 

7. August: Osage County$7,315,000 

8. Saving Mr. Banks$6,578,000

9. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones$6,300,000 

10. Anchorman 2 $6,100,000


Next week, we have the premieres of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit along with Ride Along. Both film look like they can bring in a decent amount of money, pretty much ensuring we won’t see Hercules on the Top Ten anymore. I guess the legends were wrong about that.

Sty Tuned for the next Weekend Roundup and find out what happens!


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