Marvel and Disney are the top winners for another weekend! Thor: The Dark World was the #1 film at the Box Office again, and the Gods have truly shined upon the Son of Odin! Thor 2 brought in $38mil, which put it above newcomer, The Best Man Holiday; which brought in an impressive $30mil!

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Thor: The Dark World $38,454,000 $149.9
2.  The Best Man Holiday $30,593,000 $30.6
3.  Last Vegas $8,850,000 $46.9
4.  Free Birds $8,300,000 $42.2
5.  Bad Grandpa $7,670,000 $90.2
6  Gravity $6,280,000 $240.5
7.  Ender’s Game $6,200,000 $53.7
8.  12 Years a Slave $4,700,000 $24.9
9.  Captain Phillips $4,500,000 $97.6
10.  About Time $3,620,000 $11.5

Next week, it’s a no-brainer that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is going to take the top spot. The film is poised to break the $100mil mark it’s first weekend, which I wouldn’t be surprised with it’s IMAX and 3D viewings. What is really surprising is that Bad Grandpa remains in the Top Ten and how it’s only $10mil from crossing the $100mil mark. That’s definitely a record for Dickhouse and Johnny Knoxville.

Stay Tuned next week for what officially happens at The Box Office!


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