Well, it seems that the Internationals had it right this whole time. They had already made the newest 007 movie, Skyfall, over $230mil dollars before it had a chance to premiere in the States; and Bond opened with a bang! The Sam Mendes directed, Daniel Craig starring, Skyfall, had a $90mil opening this past weekend, bringing it’s total Box Office earnings to over $500 million worldwide! This makes it the biggest Bond movie OF ALL TIME! For a 50 year old franchise, I’d say they’re doing really well.

Going up against Bond was Wreck-It-Ralph, which still managed to bring in $33 mil, and securing it at #2. The rest of the Top 10 didn’t fare so well. Though, Hotel Transylvania has managed to keep it’s head up, and maintaining it’s spot at #10.  Next week though, Bond will have some trouble. It will be going up against the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn: Part 2; and even though I will forever love 007, it’s not likely it will stay #1.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Skyfall $87,800,000 $90
2.  Wreck-It Ralph $33,056,000 $93.6
3.  Flight $15,100,000 $47.7
4.  Argo $6,745,000 $87.7
5.  Taken 2 $4,000,000 $131.2
 Here Comes the Boom $2,550,000 $39
7.  Cloud Atlas $2,505,000 $22.7
 Pitch Perfect $2,504,000 $59
9.  The Man w/the Iron Fists $2,490,000 $12.7
10.  Hotel Transylvania $2,350,000 $140.9