Three films opened up this weekend, one did about as expected and the other two flopped horribly.  If you had to pick out of the Jennifer Lopez film, The Boy Next Door, Johnny Depp‘s mustache movie, Mortdecai, and George LucasStrange Magic, which one would you choose to fail the hardest? If you picked the film about singing tree fairies, then you were right. The movie opened up to more than 3000 theaters, making it one of the biggest failures ever and landing it in 7th place.

Mortdecai actually opened up much worse with only $4.1million dollars, it just did so on a smaller scale. The Boy Next Door made $15million and most likely will go one to double that by the end of it’s theatrical run. The big winner again this weekend goes to American Sniper; which brought in another $64.4million. This film is officially Clint Eastwood‘s biggest money maker and it’s continuing to make it a lock at The Oscars. The rest of the Top Ten all combined didn’t do as good as this one film.

1. American Sniper $64.4 million

2. The Boy Next Door $15 million

3. Paddington $12.4 million

4. The Wedding Ringer $11.6 million

5. Taken 3 $7.6 million

6. The Imitation Game $7.1 million

7. Strange Magic $5.5 million

8. Selma $5.5 million

9. Mortdecai $4.1 million

10. Into the Woods $3.9 million  

Next week, we’re looking at a couple of small openers and one big one. Black or White and The Loft are opening in less than 2000 theaters nationwide, while the big competition will come from Project Almanac. Paramount is banking on the film making around $20million and meet the exceptions of it’s other found-footage films Project X and Chronicle. I’m all about time travel, so my money is on that. Stay Tooned next week to find out what happens!