Well well well, looks like the tweens HAVEN’T had the last laugh! In some weird sort of Christmas Miracle, the movie goers decided to snub their noses at the horrible CGI’d werewolves, and go to great filmmaking and story, in the form of Skyfall! Bond was back to his rightful position of #1 in the box office, only furthering to solidify the fact that the Sam Mendes directed spy movie is shattering all records of this 50-year old franchise.

The rest of the Top 5 ended up with Rise of the Guardians coming in at #2, Twilight, Lincoln, and Life of Pi for the fifth spot. Newcomer, Playing for Keeps ended up with 6mil and the 6th spot; and will surely fall off the list next week. Most likely Killing Me Softly will also not make the Top 10, as The Hobbit comes out next weekend and will probably remain #1 through the holidays, with only Django Unchained able to move it out. We shall see!


Title Weekend Total
1. Skyfall $11,000,000 $261.6
2. Rise of the Guardians $10,540,000 $61.9
3. Breaking Dawn Part 2 $9,200,000 $268.7
4. Lincoln $9,115,000 $97.3
5. Life of Pi $8,300,000 $60.9
6. Playing for Keeps $6,000,000 $6
7. Wreck-It Ralph $4,900,000 $164.4
8. Red Dawn $4,200,000 $37.2
9. Flight $3,130,000 $86.2
10. Killing Them Softly $2,748,000 $11.7

Bring on the Middle Earthians!