For the third weekend in a row, American Sniper takes the Top Spot at the Box Office. The film has now grossed over $248.million, with this weekend’s addition of another $31.9million. This further secures the film as being the biggest movie that Clint Eastwood has ever made, and most likely a lock for Best Picture at the Oscars.

The other two films that debuted this weekend were Project Almanac and Black or White. Both movies had decent openings in 3rd and 4th place respectively. Project Almanac was able to secure $8.5million and tie with Paddington; while Black or White took in $6.5million. Check out the rest of the Top Ten below.

1. American Sniper $31.9 million

2. Paddington $8.5 million

3. Project Almanac $8.5 million

4. Black or White $6.5 million

5. The Boy Next Door $6.1 million

6. The Wedding Ringer $5.7 million

7. The Imitation Game $5.2 million

8. Taken 3 $3.7 million

9. Strange Magic $3.4 million

10. The Loft $2.9 million 

 This upcoming weekend is the premiere of two movies that could possibly shake things up. First, is the Wachowski Siblings Jupiter Ascending and the second is Seventh Son. Now, the latter was supposed to come out a year ago, and despite it’s recent marketing blitzkrieg, it’ll most likely debut in the Top Ten and fall into obscurity. My money is on the science fiction epic that has flying dragons, werewolves, and Mila Kunis. Who do you think will win next week? Sound off in the comments and Stay Tooned for the next edition of Weekend Roundup!