For the third weekend in a row, Ride Along, has taken the #1 position at the Box Office! The Ice Cube and Kevin Hart comedy remained at the top, beating out newcomers That Awkward Moment, The Nut Job, and Labor Day! The film pulled in another $12.3mil, and put it just under the $100mil mark with a total Box Office standings of $92mil.


1. Ride Along $12.3 million

2. Frozen $9.3 million

3. That Awkward Moment $9 million

4. The Nut Job $7.6 million

5. Lone Survivor $7.2 million

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $5.4 million

7. Labor Day $5.3 million

8. American Hustle $4.3 million

9. The Wolf of Wall Street $3.6 million

10. I, Frankenstein $3.5 million



Next week, it’ll be sure to topple with the release of The Lego Movie. It’s a perfect film for parents and children, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller seem to be doing no wrong lately. Just how much will The Lego Movie pull in? Well, you’ll have to Stay Tuned next week and find out here at DFAT!