texas_chainsaw_massacre_poster_3d many faces

I’m a little surprised at what happened at the box office this weekend. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D was #1 this weekend, over-taking Django Unchained and last week’s winner, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s a weird time for a horror movie to be released, but it seemed to serve the prequel(?) well.

The first weekend of New Year rounded out with Les Miserables and Parental Guidance in the Top 5, whilst newcomer Promise Land made finished off the Top 10 at the bottom. Next week, we see the release of Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn. It’s highly doubtful that Texas Chainsaw will be able to stay at the top with such a list of heavy A-List actors.

Title Weekend Total
1.  Texas Chainsaw 3D $23,000,000 $23
2.  Django Unchained $20,082,000 $106.3
3.  The Hobbit $17,525,000 $263.8
4.  Les Miserables $16,117,000 $103.6
5.  Parental Guidance $10,125,000 $52.7
6.  Jack Reacher $9,300,000 $64.8
7.  This is 40 $8,600,000 $54.5
8.  Lincoln $5,258,000 $143.9
9.  The Guilt Trip $4,530,000 $31.2
10.  Promised Land $4,311,500 $4.6

Stay tuned for next week’s Weekend Roundup and see who finishes up at top with DFAT!