Well, as I had mentioned last week, of course, Warm Bodies, is #1 at the Box Office this weekend. It’s no surprise that it took down Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa‘s, Bullet to the Head; though I thought that movie looked a ton better. Warm Bodies starred Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer; and managed to rake in $20million this weekend.

Surprisingly, Hansel & Gretel managed to stay up top with the #2 spot, bringing in just over $9million dollars. The rest of the Top 10 rounded out with Lincoln and Les Miserables both averaging around $2million bucks.  Next week, we see newcomers, Identity Thief and Side Effects. Both have pretty good casts, but not really the staying power when Die Hard 5 comes along. It’ll be interesting to see which one takes the top spot, but my money is on the Jason Bateman comedy.