diehard 5 willis and jai

The Valentine’s Day weekend is over and it seems that the men won out and elected A Good Day to Die Hard to be the top movie at the Box Office! The Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney actioneer took in 25mil which isn’t really all that much. Must be the fact that the movie is getting HORRIBLE reviews. I saw it and will be putting up my review this week, but I can say that my feelings are on par with those of the other critics.

Coming in a close second with 23.5 mil is Identity Thief, bringing in it’s 10 day total around 70mil dollars. Looks like Jason Bateman has another blockbuster on his hands. The rest of the Top 5 were Safe Haven, Escape from Planet Earth and Warm Bodies. Surprisingly, Beautiful Creatures only pulled in 7.6mil and was #6. Look like they couldn’t create the next Twilight with that one.

Next week, we get the Kerri Russell sci-fi thriller, Dark Skies; as well as The Rock‘s action film, Snitch. My money is on Snitch, because The Rock really does rarely make a bad movie. Stay Tuned for the Weekend Roundup next week!

Title Weekend Total
1 A Good Day to Die Hard $25,000,000 $33.2
2 Identity Thief $23,437,000 $70.7
3 Safe Haven $21,430,000 $30.3
4 Escape from Planet Earth $16,066,000 $16.1
5 Warm Bodies $9,000,000 $50.2
6 Beautiful Creatures $7,460,000 $10.0
7 Side Effects $6,307,000 $19.0
8 Silver Linings Playbook $6,088,000 $98.5
9 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters $3,470,000 $49.7
10 Zero Dark Thirty $3,100,00 $88.0