It’s kind of shocking that Deadpool is in it’s 3rd week as #1 at the Box Office. The film continues to be a juggernaut in the superhero realm, bringing in another $31.5mil. I love that this means we’ll be certainly seeing a sequel and hopefully an X-Force film in the future that features The Merc With a Mouth.

On the flip side of success, was the premiere of Gods of Egypt. The film cost $140mil and was only able to bring in $14mil. Was it the fact that it looked like a sequel to Clash of the Titans? Was it the fact that all of the Egyptian Gods were white? Likely it was a mix of a number of things, all of them being bad. I’m all about bad CGI films, so expect me to review it when it hits VOD.

The other two premieres went to Eddie the Eagle and Triple 9 which brought in $6.3mil and $6.1mil respectively. Even though their budgets weren’t nearly as high as Gods of Egypt, they both flopped. You can see the rest of the Top Ten below.

1. Deadpool $31.5 million

2. Gods of Egypt $14 million

3. Kung Fu Panda 3 $9 million

4. Risen $7 million

5. Eddie the Eagle $6.3 million

6. Triple 9 $6.1 million

7. How to Be Single $5.2 million

8. The Witch $5 million

9. Race $4.3 million

10. The Revenant $3.8 million

Next weekend, we have the US premiere of Zootopia. It has already earned $81mil in foreign markets and it wouldn’t surprise me if it made that much when it comes to the States. Find out if I’m right, in the next edition of Weekend Roundup.