Ding Dong the Brick is Dead. Well, not really, but Non-Stop finally dethroned The Lego Movie. The Liam Neeson led film brought in $30mil over this past weekend. The Lego Movie still was able to bring in another $21mil, which is nothing to scoff at. The rest of the Top Ten are below!


1. Non-Stop $30 million

2. Son of God $26.5 million

3. The LEGO Movie $21 million

4. The Monuments Men $5 million

5. 3 Days to Kill $4.9 million

6. RoboCop $4.5 million

7. Pompeii $4.3 million

8. Frozen $3.6 million

9. About Last Night $3.4 million

10. Ride Along $3.1 million


The following week is sure to go to the 300 followup, Rise of an Empire. It looks exactly like the first movie and I’m excited to see how Noam Murro handles the series. We shall keep you posted here at DFAT at what comes out on the next Weekend Roundup!


300 rise of an empire xerxes character poster