Disney has been banking on their live-action remakes the last few years, and Cinderella was no exception to the rule. While Alice in Wonderland was a cinematic juggernaut, Cinderella still held it’s own by making more than $70million in it’s first weekend. That puts it ahead of last years entry, Maleficent and #1 at the Box Office.

Liam Neeson’s, Run All Night, was not expected to be able to compete with Cinderella, but it did land in 2nd place with $11million. Given the film probably didn’t cost much more than that to make, I’m sure it’ll make it’s money back at the international market and on DVD when it comes out. The rest of the Top Ten you can check out below.

1. Cinderella $70.1 million

2. Run All Night $11 million

3. Kingsman: The Secret Service $6.2 million

4. Focus $5.8 million

5. Chappie $5.8 million

6. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $5.7 million

7. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water $4.1 million

8. McFarland, USA $3.7 million

9. American Sniper $2.9 million

10. The DUFF $2.9 million 

The win for Cinderella is especially sweet when they’ve announced Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid live-action films in the next couple of years. Couple that with Cinderella not even being a 3D film to inflate the earnings; and this is a huge win. Not only that, this is also the biggest opening for a movie by Kenneth Branagh; with Thor being a close second with $65.7million.

Next weekend we have the release of Insurgent. The trailers have done little to get me invested in the picture, but I did enjoy the first movie so I’ll check it out. Will it be able to topple the magic of Cinderella though? Find out on the next edition of Weekend Roundup.

Insurgent poster