Ahoy Towelites! Welcome to your Weekend Roundup! This week we had a couple of debuts, and I’m excited to share the results. Divergent was pegged to be the top winner this weekend, and with a revenue of $56mil, it topped the Box Office! Following the Young Adult novel-turned-movie, was everyone’s favorite Jim Henson creations, Muppets Most Wanted!

The studio was hoping for a $20mil opening weekend, but it fell just shy of that with $16.5mil. Luckily, The Muppets themselves get paid in actual peanuts, so I’m sure after DVD sales, Disney can justify another sequel. The rest of the Box Office is below!



1. Divergent $56 million

2. Muppets Most Wanted $16.5 million

3. Mr. Peabody and Sherman $11.7 million

4. 300: Rise of an Empire $8.7 million

5. God’s Not Dead $8.6 million

6. Need for Speed $7.8 million

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel $7 million

8. Non-Stop $6.3 million

9. The LEGO Movie $4.1 million

10. Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club $3.1 million



Next week should be a pretty interesting battle. Arnie will do his best Beastie Boy impression in Sabotage, while Aronofsky brings the rain in Noah; but what I’m most excited about is Gareth Evans’ sequel, The Raid 2. Who will be the winner of Box Office glory? Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for the next Weekend Roundup here at DFAT!