This week, another Captain Marvel film premiered on the big screen, this time in the form of DC‘s Shazam. The superhero version of Big was able to earn $53 million in the States and another $102 million in the foreign box office. This is great news for the studio and most of the time horror director David F. Sandberg. The other big premier of the weekend went to Pet Semetery. The Stephen King remake that no one asked for was able to take in $25 million and will likely to go on and earn its money back. 

One other movie did make its debut this weekend. The Best of Enemies took the #6 position. The rest of the Top Ten, including last week’s winner Dumbo, are below.

1.Shazam!    $53,450,000

2.Pet Sematary $25,000,000

3.Dumbo $18,224,000

4.Us   $13,813,000

5.Captain Marvel $12,682,000

6.The Best of Enemies   $4,500,000

7.Five Feet Apart       $3,700,000

8.Unplanned        $3,200,000

9.Wonder Park $2,040,000

10.How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World      $1,985,000

Next weekend, Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Doomsday) returns to the big screen with the upcoming Hellboy reboot. The film looks to be a lot of fun with David Harbour donning the big red makeup. Will it be able to overtake Shazam? Find out in the next edition of Weekend Roundup.

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