After receiving the best reviews of a horror movie since last years IT, the John Krasinski-directed/starring film A Quiet Place, took #1 at the Box Office this past weekend. The film was praised from Ryan Reynolds, Stephen King, and a slew of critics; saying it’s one of the most suspenseful and horrifying films out in a long time. The movie took in $50 million and was able to dethrone Ready Player One. Not to say that the Spielberg film is hurting, as it’s earned almost $400 million Worldwide. $161 million in China alone.

The other premier of this weekend was Blockers. The comedy debuted in 3rd place with $21.4 million, which isn’t shabby considering it didn’t have a big budget. Black Panther dropped down to the 4th spot, but has also passed Titanic as the 3rd biggest Domestic movie of all-time. It’s earnings so far are just shy of $1.3 billion Worldwide. The rest of the Top Ten are below.

1. A Quiet Place $50 million

2. Ready Player One $25.1 million

3. Blockers $21.4 million

4. Black Panther $8.4 million

5. I Can Only Imagine $8.4 million

6. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony $8.1 million

7. Chappaquiddick $6.2 million

8. Sherlock Gnomes $5.6 million

9. Pacific Rim Uprising $4.9 million

10. Isle of Dogs $4.6 million

Next weekend, we’ll get some competition in the form of Rampage and Truth or Dare. The Rock can’t be beat so I have no doubt that he’ll top the Box Office, but Blumhouse has been very good with turning low-budget horror movies into breakout stars. I won’t be surprised if Truth or Dare comes in at #2. Find out if I’m right in the next edition of Weekend Roundup!