There was no doubt in my mind that The Jungle Book was going to debut at #1 at the Box Office this weekend. Disney had let reviewers check it out a few weeks ago and it had stellar reviews then. The word of mouth regarding it’s epic CGI advancements must have helped, because the film debuted at $103.6mil. Between this and Zootopia and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, Disney is on a roll.

The other debut was Barbershop: The Next Cut; which took in $20mil. That’s pretty great numbers for a third movie in a trilogy. On the other end of the spectrum, last week’s winner The Boss took a 50% revenue dive and landed in the 3rd spot with $10.2mil. You can see the rest of the numbers below.

1. The Jungle Book, $103.6 million

2. Barbershop: The Next Cut, $20 million

3. The Boss, $10.2 million

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, $9 million

5. Zootopia, $8.2 million

6. Criminal, $5.9 million

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, $3.3 million

8. Miracles From Heaven, $1.9 million

9. God’s Not Dead 2, $1.7 million

10. Eye In The Sky, $1.6 million

Next week, it’s likely that The Jungle Book will continue it’s streak and be #1 again at the Box Office. The film’s numbers has already warranted a greenlight for a sequel from Disney, with John Favreau in talks to return as director. Find out what happens on the next edition of Weekend Roundup to see what happens!