Looks like it’s time for the King of the Box Office to hand over his crown, and this time, to a Queen. Kate Upton In a Bikini, otherwise known as The Other Woman, has taken out Captain America: Winter Soldier, with an opening weekend of $24.7mil. They had pretty good reviews and since the movie probably only cost about that much to make, it’s already a hit that’s sure to garner a sequel for no real reason at all.

The rest of the Top Ten had some newcomers: The Quiet Ones, and Brick Mansions; which starred the late Paul Walker. They brought in $4mil and $9.6mil respectively, with pretty horrid reviews for them both.


1. The Other Woman $24.7 M

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $16 M

3. Heaven Is for Real $13.8 M 

4. Rio 2 $13.6 M $96.1 M

5. Brick Mansions $9.6 M

6. Transcendence $4.1 M 

7. The Quiet Ones $4 M

8. Bears $3.6 M 

9. Divergent $3.6 M 

10. A Haunted House 2 $3.2 M


Disney and Marvel have nothing to worry about though, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens up next weekend and is sure to top the Box Office. The film has already been out overseas and despite the tepid reviews, has made over $100mil. Just how much will the Web Head open up with next weekend? Stay Tuned to DFAT to find out!