Looks like audiences “got a pump in” at the Box Office this weekend, as they made Michael Bay‘s, Pain & Gain, the Number #1 film to see! As this was Bay’s “vacation” flick from the Transformers franchise, is was on a much smaller budget; only $25mil. The film has brought in $20mil this weekend and won’t hit international theatres until August; thus making it a success in it’s first week.

Aside from that, the big news is that Iron Man 3 shattered the International Box Office with a $195mil debut weekend! That surpasses the $185mil that The Avengers opened up to last weekend. It will hit the US and Canada this upcoming Thursday, and I’m excited to see if it crosses $100mil on opening weekend. I’m sure Disney and Marvel are pulling a Scrooge McDuck and swimming in a vault of cash right now.

Below, is the rest of the horrible box office. Especially with newcomer, The Big Wedding, debuting at $7mil.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Pain & Gain $20,000,000 $20
2.  Oblivion $17,443,000 $64.7
3.  42 $10,725,000 $69
4.  The Big Wedding $7,500,000 $7.5
5.  The Croods $6,600,000 $163
6.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation $3,620,000 $116.3
7.  Scary Movie 5 $3,457,000 $27.4
8.  Olympus Has Fallen $2,768,000 $93
9.  The Place Beyond the Pines   $2,699,000 $16.2
10.  Jurassic Park 3D $2,310,000 $43.6

Stay Tuned next week to see just what Iron Man 3 does!