In a surprise to absolutely no one whatsoever, Captain America: Winter Solider is #1 at the Box Office this weekend. What may be surprising though, is the fact that the movie has pulled in the biggest April opening of all time, with $96.2mil! This easily topped April’s previous record-holder Fast Five  back in 2011.

The Marvel film has received A ratings from everyone involved, including DFAT’s own CynicNerd. Since Cap 2 officially opened up overseas last weekend, it’s not brought in close to $300mil worldwide!Last week’s winner, Noah, dropped a whopping 61%, bringing in only $17mil this week.



1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $96.2 million

2. Noah $17 million

3. Divergent $13 million

4. God’s Not Dead $7.7 million

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel $6.3 million

6. Muppets Most Wanted $6.3 million

7. Mr. Peabody & Sherman $5.3 million

8. Sabotage $1.9 million

9. Need for Speed $1.8 million

10. Non-Stop $1.8 million


I wouldn’t be surprised if Captain America continues to be #1 until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens next month. Obviously I’d love it if The Raid 2 is in the #2 spot since it opens wide next week, I’d even settle for Dom Hemingway, since the movie looks insane.

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