I’m pretty happy to announce that Evil Dead is #1 at the Box Office this weekend! The movie already has made back it’s $14mil budget, and the rest is just gravy. It’s awesome to see not only a horror movie taking the top spot, but also one with all practical effects. My only hope is that they go and make Evil Dead 2, but even more over-the-top!

What else is pretty great, is that Jurassic Park 3D has pulled in the #4 spot with over $18mil. It warmed my heart to see the line at the IMAX theatre for audiences to fall all in love all over again. The rest of the top movies rounded out with The Call and Admission taking spots 9 and 10.

Next week, should be pretty interesting. The latest Scary Movie film is hitting theatres and I’m interested to see audiences reactions to a franchise that should have died right after the brilliant first movie. Stay tuned to DFAT for next week’s, Weekend Roundup!

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Evil Dead $26,000,000 $26
2.  G.I. Joe Retaliation $21,100,000 $86.6
3.  The Croods $21,100,000 $125.8
4.  Jurassic Park 3D $18,247,000 $18.2
5.  Olympus Has Fallen $10,042,000 $71.1
6.  Tyler Perry’s Temptation $10,000,000 $38.3
7.  Oz the Great & Powerful $8,171,000 $212.7
8.  The Host $5,239,000 $19.6
9.  The Call $3,500,000 $45.5
10.  Admission $2,054,000 $15.3