Batman v Superman has been taking the top of the Box Office for the past couple of weeks, but the writing has been on the wall regarding it’s overall longevity. The film has hardly performed in China, the 2nd largest market outside of the US; and it looks like it won’t even reach the projected One Billion Dollars that it needed in order to be a real contender against the Marvel/Disney films. The film dropped another 54% this week, and went down to second place with $23.4mil.

Melissa McCarthy’s newest film narrowly take #1 with $23.5mil, but it was still enough to take down the DC film. The other debut was Hardcore Henry, which didn’t fare too well; only earning $4.8mil. The rest of the Top Ten is below.

1. The Boss $23.5 million

2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $23.4 million

3. Zootopia $14.4 million

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $6.4 million

5. Hardcore Henry $5.1 million

6. Miracles From Heaven $4.8 million

7. God’s Not Dead 2 $4.3 million

8. The Divergent Series: Allegiant $3.6 million

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane $3 million

10. Eye in the Sky $2.8 million

Next week, we have the premiere of Disney’s The Jungle Book. The live-action film is making waves with it’s advancements in motion-capture technology and looks fantastic. I guarantee it will be #1, it’s only a matter of just how much money the movie will make. Since the last Disney film, Zootopia, broke a ton of records; it won’t surprise me if the movie takes in $60mil. Find out if I’m right on the next edition of Weekend Roundup!